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At-Home Workouts

Directions: Begin each of these workouts with a five-minute warmup, or go through the moves after you’ve done your usual cardio or strength training when you’re already warm. Each should also begin with 20 reps 

Abs workout 1: Cardio core shred

Get your blood pumping (and the calories burning) with this high-energy workout.

Do three rounds of the following circuit. Rest for one minute between sets:

  1. 20 Skater Lunges
  2. 20 Mountain Climbers
  3. 20 Burpees
  4. 20 Knee-to-Shoulder Knee-ins (alternating sides)
  5. 1-minute Side Planks
  6. 20 Knee-to-Opposite-Shoulder knee-ins

Abs workout 2: Plank variations

Because holding still in a simple forearm plank for an eternity is both boring and counterproductive, most people lose form after a minute, causing strain on their back. This routine keeps you moving so you keep seeing results sans the back pain. Bonus: No equipment needed.

Do the following plank series twice, resting between series:

  1. 15 Forearm Side Plank with “Thread the Needle” (curl top arm under and back up), each side
  2. 10 Pushups to Straight-arm Side Plank
  3. 1-minute Side Plank
  4. Forearm Planks with 20 Toe Taps (do all 20 with one foot then switch sides)
  5. Forearm Plank with 20 Side-to-Side Hip Dips
  6. 20 Knee-to-Shoulder Knee-ins
  7. 20 Knee-to-Opposite-Shoulder Knee-ins
  8. 15 Forearm Side Plank with “Thread the Needle”

Abs workout 3: Bodyweight abs workout

No equipment? No problem. Do three rounds of this circuit:

  1. 20 Butterfly Kicks (done lying on your back)
  2. 20 Crunches
  3. 20 Russian Twists
  4. 20 Elbow-to-Knee Crunches
  5. 20 Butterfly Situps (soles of feet together, knees out to the side)
  6. 20 Side-to-Side Knee Drops (on back, knees bent up in a right angle)
  7. 20 Crunches
  8. 20 Butterfly Kicks (done lying on your back)
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