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Crate Creatures Surprise Big Blowout- Nanners Toy, Multicolor

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About this item

  • Pop off the crowbar, break the lock and unleash your new beast friend!
  • Be a Monster! Use your “lockie talkie” to project your voice through your Monster – from over 50 feet away! They'll never know it's you!
  • Sneaky prank feature: set the timer to scare…even when you're not there!
  • Pull his finger, Yankee on his tongue, tickle him, give him a wedge, knock him over and more to unlock 100+ growls, burps, farts, laughs and sounds!
  • Interactive eyes light up, change color and blink!

Product Description

Your new beast friend is bigger, grosser and more fun than ever! Unbox your Crate Creatures Surprise! Big blowout- nanners, pull his tongue and finger for gross sounds, and use the walkie talkie lock to transmit your monster voice through your creature! Tickle him to keep the laughs rolling. Turn the timer buddy on his head for a hilarious gas explosion!